Committed to the future of Lleida


The ICG Foundation launched a series of meetings with personalities from the political, economic, social, academic and cultural world to analyze, debate and contribute approaches that favor the boost and growth of the city of Lleida and its area of influence. An initiative that wants to develop a socio-economic look that transforms the reality of Lleida and has contributions from personalities recognized throughout our territory that favor both the city and the whole of the counties of Lleida. With these meetings, the ICG Foundation participates in the debate on current affairs and the future of Lleida and makes contributions to achieve a more competitive environment at the economic, social and cultural level.

To carry out these actions, the ICG Foundation created the “Compromise with the Future of Lleida” group, through which it collaborates and promotes strategies that impulse internationalization policies, favor economic promotion and investments with added value, provide training and human capital, provide ideas for the development of the strategic plans of transport and mobility infrastructures, promote reindustrialisation and diversification, strengthen innovation projects, and orientate in the design and urban development and sustainability, in order to contribute to the leadership of Lleida as the interior capital.

These contributions and proposals are sent to the main institutions, social and business entities of the whole territory so that they are taken into account both in government actions and in the programs and projects to be presented.